Dhani Cash and Dhani App Full Details

Dhani Cash and Dhani App Full Details

You will get full information about Dhani App and Dhani Cash. How you can use Dhani App and earn Unlimited Dhani Cash. Full timeline videos of Dhani cash are linked below with their relevant headings.

Download Dhani App

You can download Dhani app this link: Click here to download dhani from play store

Use my Referral link to earn Dhani Cash at the time of joining in Dhani App

You will get Dhani Cash in your Dhani Pay Balance If you use my referral link. Click here to download using my referral link. Please note Dhani cash earned through referral keeps changing so you can get the latest rewards as per the Dhani App policy

How to earn Dhani Cash

You can earn Dhani Cash by playing Dhani games which will be showing in the home section of the Dhani App. There are lots of Dhani games such as Dhani dart, Dhani Basket ball game, Dhani Spin, and Win, Pacman, Pool, and Paper flick. You can earn daily dhani cash and dhani cash will be credited to your Dhani pay wallet under the Dhani cash section.

Dhani App Latest & Important Updates

On 15th of August 2020, as the Dhani app said they will expire all your Unused Dhani cash on the 15th of every month. Dhani expired my Dhani cash also. Before 15th August, I tried to pay my electricity bill through the Dhani app so that I can redeem some dhani cash before its expiry. But even after trying two times, transactions got failed. Due to these reasons, I broke my Dhani Priority Card.  Click here to watch the video for this topic

Now you can not redeem or convert your Dhani Cash to Dhani General Balance because of New Dhani Updated Policy and Dhani Introduced New Refer and earn policy in which you will get Rs. 75 in your Dhani cash wallet if your referral uses your link while joining Dhani App. Further Dhani removed its all-time famous games like Dhani Quiz and Dhani Tambola in which winning prize is very huge and big: Click here to watch the video for this topic

There is one more important update from Dhani that you have to redeem your dhani cash before 15th of every month by doing such transactions as suggested by Dhani like you can redeem you dhani cash on paying 100% processing fees, 10% of EMI Amount if you take a loan from Dhani, Use Dhani cash in Dhani Insurance payment and 2% of Dhani cash in Mobile, electricity bill payment. Now Dhani app will not convert or redeem your dhani cash to Dhani general balance. You have to redeem it by own by doing transactions as suggested by Dhani. Click here to watch the video for this topic.

Dhani Credit Line & Dhani Loan

You can apply the Dhani Instant Credit line as the Dhani credit line is available now after Lockdown. You can take Dhani loan and activate your Dhani loan online with no Documentation if you use Aadhar OTP and with documentation if your Mobile number is not linked with Aadhar. Dhani loan is available now after a lockdown in 2020. If you are eligible then you will receive a call from Dhani or You will receive an App notification from Dhani App. After you become eligible, you can apply and activate the Dhani Credit line loan and the amount of Dhani instant credit line will transfer to your Dhani general balance or Bank account. Click here to watch the video for this topic.

You can pay Dhani loan's EMI by using Dhani EMI banner option, In your app, Dhani EMI Banner will reflect when your EMI becomes due. You can use that banner and you can use 10% of Dhani Cash in EMI payment. Total EMI payment will be reduced to 90%. Therefore you will get benefited by 10% of EMI amount and such benefit will be reduced from your earned Dhani Cash. Click here to watch the video for this topic.

We have noticed some cases highlighted by our viewers that Dhani officials approved the Dhani credit line but users don't receive money in their Dhani General balance or in a bank account and Dhani company demanded for payment. If users did not pay the EMI then Dhani Company charged penal interest on their loan. Lots of users are frustrated with this problem. The problem along with user screenshots was shown in this video. Click here to see that video. 

After reviewing such above problems, we came with the solution video in which all such users who are defrauded by Dhani either not giving their loan amount or by charging heavy interest without a base. we advised where you can complain against Dhani Company as no response received from Dhani customer care and Dhani Email ID. we complain to India's Top Banking authority i.e. RBI. Click here to watch that video.

Myths or Wrong Facts about Dhani

Some YouTubers just for their watch time and views spread wrong information that you can convert Dhani cash to Dhani general balance or you can transfer Dhani cash to Paytm. You have to order Dhani card etc but as per my opinion, it is the full wastage of time and money as according to Dhani. Dhani Cash is locked and that lock denotes that it will not move anywhere but you can redeem dhani cash as per the policy of Dhani cash (Check under Dhani Important Updates). Click here to watch that myth busted video.

Complete and Full Genuine review/tour of the Dhani app. Click here to watch that video.

Further, in the old era/time, Dhani company redeem full Dhani Cash but during lockdown i.e. in march. Dhani updated its policy in which Dhani clearly stated that Dhani cash will be redeemed at the option of Dhani company and you will get only Maximum Rs. 150 in your Dhani general balance. Click here to watch that video. But in the new era/time, Dhani company updated its Dhani cash redemption policy and you will never convert Dhani cash into Dhani general balance. You have to redeem your dhani cash before the 15th of every month as per the suggested transaction. I have discussed this under the Important updates section. 

Aap Dhani ka Refer and earn istemaal karke, upto Rs. 30,000 tak kama sakte ho. See this video for complete referral procedure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfVeoXqhddI&t=4s

Dhani Card 

In the Old era, you can apply for a dhani card at the time of KYC by paying Rs. 500 plus GST. Click here to watch this video. In this video, I discussed the old benefits of the Dhani Pay wallet. After receiving dhani Card, Click here to watch a video in which I discussed about benefits and features of Dhani Card and Unbox Dhani pay priority Rupay Card.

But in the new era, Dhani makes a complete change, you will apply and get Dhani Card only if when you availed Dhani credit line and for taking the Dhani credit line you have to do full KYC and Dhani full KYC is linked with Dhani credit line. In short, in a new era, if you are eligible for the Dhani credit line and you availed the same then only you can do full KYC and apply for your dhani card. Click here to watch that video.

If you received a Dhani Card or you already have a Dhani card. then you need to activate your dhani card in your dhani wallet. Click here to watch that video in which I discussed live that how you can activate your Dhani card

You can transfer your credit card balance to Bank by using the Dhani wallet and Dhani card. Dhani charges some fees for the same which keeps on changing from time to time. Click here to watch that video in which I transferred money from Credit card to bank by using Dhani wallet/Dhani card.

Use of Dhani Cash for those who don't have Dhani Credit Line

For those, who don't have a Dhani credit line, they can use Dhani cash only 2% of transaction amount when they do any mobile recharge or bill payment such as electricity, DTH, gas connection, etc. the same is reflected under Service section in Dhani app. I also used Dhani cash and performed recharge in a video. Click here to watch that video.

Dhani updated its policy for users who don't have a Dhani credit line. They can use dhani cash only extent of 2% of the transaction amount. Click here to watch that video.

Dhani Q&A and Live Session

If you have any queries apart from above which was not discussed, please comment below, we will prepare a separate video for the same and includes it in our article


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