How to Get Cred Gems for Each Referral | How to Get 10 Gems for Each Referral in Cred

How to Get Cred Gems for Each Referral | How to Get 10 Gems for Each Referral in Cred

Download CRED App from Here (Link expires in every 48 hours, you can Whatsapp us at for latest Cred app download link so that you can get 10 Cred gems, otherwise it can be loose) -

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All of us want extra prices and exclusive rewards, and CRED has made that possible for us. CRED gives all its users exclusive and amazing rewards whenever they pay their credit card bills. This platform aims at making your life easier by the enhancing features it has to offer, using CRED you can easily complete the payment process of your credit card bill and receive exceptional awards on timely payment of the same. CRED is the only application that is available in India that provides users with various rewards on payment of bills of credit cards.

This platform might sound too good to be true but it’ll blow your mind when you use it.

CRED Founder

The founder of CRED is Kunal Shah, a brilliant mind entrepreneur who has achieved many successful businesses including the famous SnapDeal and FreeCharge. He founded and started CRED and since then he has been providing people with rewards and making their lives happier, because who doesn’t like an extra reward.

How Does the CRED App Make Money?

If we look at the recent profit rate of CRED they really haven’t made much of any profit. But as we know that CRED has access to all the information related to the credit card expenditure of all its users, it can use that information financial information further and create a profitable business model for itself. 
Some possible sources of revenue collection for CRED are the monetization of data, if CRED decides to monetize the data which it collects it will have a possible source. Another possible source is charging the partners that they work with and making deals with them which can be profitable for their business.

How to Use CRED Coins?

For every payment made using the CRED application, you will receive coins that are worth 1 rupee. 

The coins that you collect can be either redeemed for rewards from popular shopping, food, and travel platforms like Ajio by Jio, Myntra, Zomato, Book My Show, etc. Or you can easily receive a cashback directly into your credit card account, the amount of cashback varies according to the payments you make, more the payments more the chances of collecting coins. The cashback gives you the opportunity to reach up to ten thousand, and that is not a small amount of money.

How to Redeem CRED Coins

There are two options using which you can redeem your CRED coins.

Option 1:

CRED has a catalog section that consists of the list of available rewards. Once you open the catalog you will find an option that says ‘lifestyle’ this option will open a page that will have various options available for you to select one from. 

Usually, the available offers need a good amount of coins to be successfully redeemed. Therefore, it will always be better if you gather up more coins and choose the best option for you.

The list is growing and something new is added to it every single month. Currently, it consists of offers from popular companies like Nykaa, Swiggy, Flipkart, and many more.

Option 2:

The other redemption option is known as ‘kill the bill’ this option allows users to receive a cashback according to the amount of the payment that you make. The possible cashback amount can reach up to ten thousand rupees and that’s unlikely to happen if you use traditional ways of payment of your credit card bill. CRED brings the best offers for all its users.

CRED Rent Pay

After seeing the success in payments of credit card bills CRED’s team launched a new feature using which you can pay the rent directly to the landlord using payment options like UPI and even using your credit card. And of course, don’t forget the greatest feature of receiving extra rewards on payments. The payment process consists of three steps which are super easy for anyone to perform and complete smoothly without any hassles. This application might not be the perfect way to complete rent payments but the extra rewards and benefits can make it the perfect solution in some eyes. 

Some benefits of CRED rent pay:

  • Get up to 3.3 percent of the payments worth extra rewards.
  • Chance to collect more CRED coins.
  • Get up to 45 days of the credit period
  • Helps in reaching the milestones of reward at a better speed. 

CRED Rent Pay Charges

CRED charges a certain percentage of the transaction fee from their users, the fee depends on the credit card which is being used. Usually, it ranges from 1℅ – 1.5℅. So you might have to pay a few hundred rupees extra for payment of rent.

CRED Benefits

Credit Card Payments:

Using CRED all users can complete the payment of their credit card bills easily, they can also track the payments efficiently and effectively using their application. 

Cashback on payment:

CRED gives cashback to its users when they fulfill certain expenses, as mentioned in the redemption options using the kill the bill feature one can get many options for receiving a cashback.

CRED coins give gifts:

The available coins which one can earn on CRED can be further used in various ways such as shopping either offline or online. There are also options to earn gems which can, in turn, be used in the process of redemption of various vouchers such as coupons from Amazon and even Uber.

Credit card report:

CRED gives an amazing feature using which you can easily keep a track of the reports of the payments being made using the credit card that you have added on the CRED application.

CRED Promo Code

There are many available promo codes that you can easily find on the CRED application when you will install and use the application you will get options to share and refer it to your friends and family, on the referral of each person you get a chance to receive up to one thousand rupees upon joining using the promo code. You can also get many vouchers and coupon codes upon redemption of coins and gems that you collect by payments.

CRED App Customer Care Number

Currently, there is no publically available number to contact the customer service of the CRED application but their team is very vigilant with their email account and makes sure that they respond to the issues that their users have within the shortest possible time. They also keep in mind the feedback of their users to improve their application and make it better for the usage of their users and make the whole process easier for them. 

The email that they have provided is: 

They have also provided a specific email for certain issues like problems with the terms of usage, or feeling of violation of the provided personal information, etc.

You can contact: Nemash Simaria

Email ID:

How to Remove the Card from CRED?

If the user wishes to remove the credit card or debit card details from their CRED account they can contact customer support for the same, their team will help in the process of removal of the card and will also clear all the possible data which is stored along with the respective card.

How to Get 10 Gems for Each Referral:-

1. First of all, Download CRED App from Here (Link expires in every 48 hours, you can Whatsapp us at for latest Cred app download link so that you can get 10 Cred gems, otherwise it can be loose)

2. Install and Open the Cred App.

3. Register for Account.

Note:- You should have a Pan card and Credit card to Signup on Cred App.

4. After Successfully Signup, Pay your credit card bill of Rs. 1000 or more and earn Rs. 10 Gems.

5. Now you can redeem 10 Gems for Cashback of Rs. 500 which will directly be credited to Credit Card Account.

6. You will get the 10 Gems also for each Successful referral to your friend (Means referred friend should signup with your link and required to pay his credit card bill of Rs. 1000 or more)


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