Truth Behind "No Shave November"

Truth Behind "No Shave November"

No Shave November is here, razors are being thrown out, beard waxes are being sold out as men are gearing up to take on the #NoShaveChallenge.

As popular as this trend is, few people know that the ‘challenge’ originated from a movement towards raising awareness around men’s health. Mainly prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

It all began as a simple Facebook campaign in 2009, where men (and women!) forwent shaving for the month of November, and donated their monthly shaving expenses towards cancer prevention and research, while also evoking a conversation about embracing our hair. Something many cancer patients lose.

So far, the official movement has raised over $12M for multiple benefiting foundations.

Not many of which are from India though.

Mars By GHC, one of India’s first men’s digital health brands, is taking on the challenge. Alongside multiple NSN themed events and contests, their November campaign is also donating a part of their proceeds this month to the Indian Prostate Cancer Foundation (IPCF), one of the only foundations in India dedicated to research on prostate and testicular cancer.

We hope to see more of this conversation for this year’s #NoShaveNovember.

This post is submitted by Ms. Aditi Galuja from Mars By GHC: Reach them at @marsbyghc on Instagram

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