Cyber ​Attack In America On Twitter Lose Millions Of Money

Cyber ​Attack In America On Twitter Lose Millions Of Money


Cyber ​​attack in America: Last night, Twitter accounts of how many veterans, including former US President Barack Obama, Amazon chief and CEO Jeff Bezos, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, Microsoft's Bill Gates, were hacked together. There was only one tweet from every account, you send money through bitcoin and we will give you double the money.

New Delhi: Cyber ​​attack occurred on micro-blogging site Twitter last night. The Twitter accounts of many of the world's giants including Barack Obama, Bill Gates were hacked, after which Twitter took access to some blue tick accounts in their hands for several hours, which they could not tweet. Hackers hacked these accounts and started demanding money. This money was being sought in the form of bitcoins. For the time being, Twitter has partially fixed this problem but there is a need to find a permanent solution.

Apart from this, it was also written in the tweet that the time has come that we should return what we have earned from society. With these tweets, it was said to give money through bitcoin. For example, it was written from Bill Gates' Twitter account that everyone is telling me that it is time to give back to the society, so I want to say that I will return double the payment that will be sent to me in the next thirty minutes. You send bitcoin for 1000 dollars, I will send back 2000 dollars.

Tweeting on behalf of Twitter CEO Jack, it has been said that today was a very difficult day in Twitter, we tried to stop the hacking. For this, a lot of accounts were closed, although now accounts have been resumed. The investigation of how this hacking happened and who was behind it continues.

Now you must be wondering what is this bitcoin? Actually, the way rupees and dollars are traded, in the same way, now bitcoins are also transacted. This is a digital currency, which can be kept in a digital bank only. Now it has been implemented in a few countries and the price of one bitcoin is very high everywhere. People find it very attractive in terms of investment.


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