GST Portal Removed July 2017 Return Data

GST Portal Removed July 2017 Return Data: Now Back up Your Data as a Safety Measures

GST Portal Removed July 2017 Return Data

GST Portal is notified vide Section 146 of the CGST Act 2017 which facilitates all the compliance support under GST.

Now on 1st August 2020, Return Data for July 2017 has been removed from GSTN portal and the same is not available for viewing (you can check at your GST portal)

No were in law it is mentioned that GST Portal would preserve data for 3 Years only but while viewing the Electronic Liability Register the GST Portal is showing "Maximum period for viewing ledger is 3 years" that means your July 2017 Return Data has been removed by GST Portal.

Now its high time to start taking data backup for an earlier period as it would be quiet helpful during the assessment level also. You have to back up your important data in your office server or if you want to become more safe and cautious, you can use Google Drive also by using its paid services.

But In this Case, Earlier it has been presumed that such action might be taken for lack of storage space but no intimation was given prior but the same is not the case.

As per the latest tweet from GST Tech, they said, "Dear Taxpayer, the team is working to restore the facility to file and view GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 return for July, 2017. We expect it to be available in a day.

It is cleared that it happened might be due to some maintenance issue or due to any unforeseen circumstance but you will be awarded one more chance to view and save your important GST data.

So it's better to Back up your Data as a Safety measure. You have one more chance to backup. Don't wait for later opportunities, suppose at a later stage, if GST portal will announce officially that they will remove all old and backdated data by 3 years from the present month, and you have only 1 week to backup it then it will be a hectic task to extract all the data as lots of other business concern will access the GST Portal at the same time.


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